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Timothy Lo

Timothy Lo, LCSW 

Email about Timothy Lo

Timothy Lo is a huge advocate for mental health services for all and has an appreciation for being all inclusive in his approach to caring for others. He values advocacy work in his spare time around social justice and access to services. Tim received his degree from the University of Illinois and has been dedicated to serving the Chicago are ever since.

He has the most experience with motivational interviewing, CBT, and mindfulness, with some DBT and ACT experience as well. Tim has worked primarily with many presenting concerns, mainly depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, trauma, ADHD, in an outpatient setting. In particular his biggest strengths are empathic listening, processing emotions, communication skills, and psychoeducation. Tim is very eager to work with couples, families and has a strong connection with teens and their parents.

Tim has a passion for utilizing technology to help people in therapy and previously in his career tested medical software. He believes that therapy has the power to positively affect our lives by looking inward, backward, and forward in order to understand ourselves better, as well as how we interact with the world around us.

In his free time he tends to read (mainly sci-fi or fantasy), play video games, play badminton, and cook/bake. Pizza is his Everest, his white whale- Tim has dreams of building a brick pizza oven in his backyard someday! Guests experience Tim as super easy to open up to, very sincere and thoughtful about his feedback and overall a strong coach to have in a stressful time. Tim is accepting guests at our Wicker Park and Old Town locations.

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