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Theresa de la Fuente

Theresa de la Fuente, Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy

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Theresa de la Fuente received her Masters degree from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco for Marriage and Family Therapy. She has been working with individuals and couples to dissolve feeling stuck in a pattern, to gain insight into personal needs and develop truthful beliefs about reaching your potential.

Theresa recently returned to Naperville, IL after living the past 13 years in San Francisco, CA. She studied and practiced theatre and therapy, using her emotional range in both areas. She found that learning her intuition and emotional self was one of her greatest strengths and how she chooses to apply herself professionally. Guests experience her as warm, engaged with her guests and she is known for her transparency and confidence in this work.

There are many skill sets that she brings into therapy, and always works to collaborate with the guest on what approach will work best for them. She is trained in EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) and NLP (neuro linguistic programming), which compliment her therapeutic approach to combine cognitive beliefs, somatic awareness, spirituality and science. She also integrates various approaches when working with couples and partners and families experience her calming attention and intense commitment to guests to be a rewarding compliment to the difficult work of therapy.

Theresa utilizes her eclectic therapeutic background and has experience working with a range of issues. Many of the areas that she is most skilled at include anxiety, life transitions, traumatic events current or past, and coaching on finding purpose for one’s future.

Her dedication to couples and partners include a special attention to premarital counseling, multicultural relationships, and the many complex bumps that show up in partnership whether finding acceptance in walking away from a partnership, acceptance in finding new relationship goals or a new identity stage for a couple.

Theresa believes that it is part of human nature to find homeostasis; instead we feel like we are suffering and struggling with others and ourselves.

She sought out a degree in psychotherapy and engrossed herself in the study of spirituality, neurology, relationships, personal growth, healing and the mind/body/spirit connection. In addition to loving the healing arts, she is a mother to identical twin boys. She relates to the challenges of parenthood, relationship adjustments, accountability and trusting the “flow” of energy and change.

Theresa is accepting new guests at our Naperville studio.

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