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Nicole Ness, LPC

Nicole Ness, LPC

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Nicole Ness believes that therapy can provide the space for self-discovery, increased self-awareness, and growth. She believes that struggling is not only a normal part of being human, but is also something that is meant to be explored and processed fully. Nicole also understands that seeking out support can feel scary and vulnerable, and she also acknowledges that this is a huge sign of willingness and openness for change. There is nothing more courageous than that.

Upon receiving her Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling, Nicole worked as a Licensed Professional Counselor in Private Practice, Eating Disorder Inpatient Treatment, and an Employee Assistance Program. While Nicole’s experience includes working with those with anxiety, relationship issues, and life transitions, her primary specialty lies in the realm of disordered eating and body image.

Utilizing her background in exercise, health coaching, and yoga, Nicole provides a holistic approach to individuals who are seeking to rebuild their relationship with their bodies and food. Nicole believes it is completely possible to live a life free from unrealistic body ideals, exercise obsession, and food fixation.

Nicole empowers her guests using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and mindfulness-based approaches. Nicole encourages her guests to challenge their unhelpful or unwanted thoughts through empathic confrontation. She also understands that every individual has unique needs and ways of communicating, and strives to create an individualized environment.

Outside of therapy, Nicole enjoys constantly exploring her own city, as well as international travel as she dives headfirst into new cultures (and enjoys ALL of the food imaginable). If she could, she’d bring a yoga mat wherever she goes! She has just recently returned from Ubud, Bali Indonesia where she spent extensive time on these practices. Guests experience her as bold, action focused, compassionate and precise in her approach. She is currently accepting guests at our Wicker Park and Old Town studios.

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