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Heather Bell, LPC

Heather Bell, LPC

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Heather Bell acknowledges the difficulty the journey that life can throw at us as humans. As both a therapist and a yoga teacher, Heather works with her clients to heal the relationship with both the mind and body. Her roots and interest in the mind/body connection and holistic wellness led her to pursue her Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology. Upon receiving her license as a professional counselor, Heather specialized in working with mood and trauma disorders in a residential treatment center for women. In addition to working with anxiety, depression, and trauma, Heather also sees clients who are struggling with relationship issues, grief and loss, and life transitions.

The root of her work is centered around the relationship with the self and the core beliefs in which we operate from. She believes these core beliefs set the tone for how we treat ourselves, minds, bodies, and how we interact in our everyday lives. Often these beliefs can be formed from traumatic experiences or the messages we have received throughout our lives from others. Through mindfulness, acceptance and commitment therapy, and an existential approach, Heather helps her clients reach their goals and live a meaningful life.

Heather believes that therapy is an essential piece of self care and believes that as human beings, we all have areas of life where we need support and healing. She sees therapy as a great way to not only work on self-improvement but to move through our life blocks, and improve the relationship with our minds, bodies and souls so we can fully embrace relationship with life, others, and the world around us.

Outside of therapy you can find Heather practicing yoga, engaging with her creative side, spending time in nature, or traveling someplace new. Heather chooses to live each day as real, authentic, and as human as she can and reflects this in the therapeutic relationship. She is accepting new guests in Wicker Park.

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