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Abigail Aguirre, Assistant Office Manager

Abigail Aguirre, Assistant Office Manager

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Abigail Aguirre has a positive attitude each day and with that brings great customer service. When new guests call they often find her keen familiarity to be refreshing while also appreciating how eager she is to help get families off to the right direction. In her career she has always valued learning to be more compassionate towards all people, and putting herself in their shoes. She is a leader on our intake and business team.

Her career has included experience in health care, in spa environments, and fitness environments always focusing on serving others and bringing quality customer service to the forefront.

Abby is an Active member in her community, representing the Positive Behavior Interventions and Support Committee as first delegate for school district 89.

Abby is a fan of sports and from that love of baseball and softball grew her interest in coaching softball in her community Little League. Abby believes each individual handles each circumstance differently and values each way of seeing life. Abby believes therapy is meant for everyone and that it can be a very healing process.

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