Shawn Airhart

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Having graduated with an M.A. in Professional Counseling from Concordia University, Shawn Airhart’s professional career has spanned a number of different environments following the flow of her passion to embrace diverse community, families, and individuals.

The majority of her clinical work includes working with individuals who have encountered intense transition, trauma, and crisis. Shawn believes that therapy is beneficial for anyone and everyone. For Shawn, no two people are the same, and her approach is to identify the inner strength of an individual that has yet to be explored. By participating in therapy in a collaborative manner, Shawn seeks to act as “sounding board” to amplify the values, goals, and dreams that lay unrealized in the life of those she works with.

Shawn is an undeniably engaging presence and seeks to be active participant within therapy. Having worked as a Emergency Services Director in a local Hospital ER, Shawn demonstrates a flexibility to embrace those individuals who are experiencing challenging circumstances. Shawn works to to assist guests with creating tangible solutions that are supportive, fluid, and is willing to work with larger families and systems to promote real change.

Her focus with adults includes helping to manage stress levels, deal with relationship concerns, life direction, anxiety and uncertainty with change. She has a strong presence of using skills and educating people on making life change & setting healthy boundaries. Guests experience her as strong, empowering, and a brave advocate.

Shawn is currently accepting new guests at our Wicker Park and Old Town studios.