Megan Wales

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Megan Wales enjoys working with a diverse group of people to achieve positive outcomes. She is passionate about and embraces the work that she does. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Miami University in Ohio and her Master’s in Counseling from Indiana University. She enjoys spending time outdoors whenever possible, which includes running, walking, and swimming. She also loves traveling and experiencing different cultures.

Megan enjoys meeting with guests who are motivated to look in-depth at what is causing them stress, as well as guests who are willing to explore what types of strengths will help them move forward to improve or gain acceptance in their lives.  She thrives when working with guests who are up for challenging certain thoughts, while also being able to recognize what their true emotions and feelings are in the moment. Megan has vast experience working with families who come in with concerns such as general communication, marital conflict, school challenges, and substance use. She also has experience working with adults on an individual basis to discuss the challenges within the family and anxiety or mood disorders that they are managing themselves. In addition, Megan has a background working with adolescents who are experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, past trauma, and substance use.

Megan believes that therapy is a healthy tool when used to help a person recognize the individual’s strengths he/she possesses and can serve to empower the person to use those strengths in everyday life. In some situations, it can helpful for individuals to take a break from their lives and reflect on what thoughts, feelings, and experiences may be causing stress and holding them back from being their best self.  Also, in family situations, Megan believes that taking the time to work on improving relationships will serve to decrease stress in the individual family members’ lives and create a healthier and nurturing home environment.

Megan is eager to continue using mindfulness with her guests as well as an array of other DBT tools that she has been trained in. In addition, she is interested in using her skills as a family therapist to help those with unhealthy family dynamics.

Megan feels that the most impactful experiences of her career path have been through the training she received as a Brief Strategic Family Therapist. She was able to learn family therapy techniques, and also was able to learn many skills that have allowed her to practice as a strong clinician with a highly effective, and evidenced-based skill set. She has had the opportunity to work with both adolescents and adults in family therapy and this has helped her understand what is necessary to achieve positive outcomes with both populations. Through the supervision and mentoring that she has been fortunate to receive, she has become more self-aware of how others may perceive her. Because of this, Megan was able to become more assertive and effective with certain guests. She believes that a therapist needs to be genuine, nonjudgmental, and show guests positive regard, but she also believes that part of being genuine is sharing honest reactions with guests.