Emily McKernan


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At it’s core, learning reflects a relationship, one that requires us to encounter mistake and to tolerate the process of searching for solution. As a devoted student of life, Emily McKernan values the relationship of learning, using it as the starting place to engage in expedition, connection, and the path toward a dynamic life.

Emily received her Master’s degree in Social Work from Loyola University. Her passion for education pushed her toward the completion of post graduate work at the University of Chicago where she received training in evidenced based interventions, including Dialectical Behavioral therapy (DBT) and Acceptance and Commitment therapy (ACT). The obtainment of these skills, positions her in direct opposition to our “fast-paced”, results driven culture. For Emily, therapy is the endeavor to introduce intentional process, one that allows us to pause and reflect upon our values, not simply given into the pressure stemming from professional roles.

Respectful of time and agency, Emily endeavors to create tangible and direct benefits for engaging in therapy. By utilizing an active stance: she can focus on the exploration of workable coping strategies, reinforcing communication skills and increasing emotional regulation. Areas of expertise include: depression, anxiety, trauma, career struggles and interpersonal conflict resolution. Guests who work with Emily will come away with an increased understanding of themselves, their values, and have a solid plan to move toward a more fulfilling life.

Emily believes that the learning process is not one that ends with graduation but rather continues throughout life. She frequently looks for ways to increase her knowledge on a variety of subjects. She enjoys traveling to new places, learning about different cultures throughout the world.

Emily is accepting guests at the Wicker Park and Old Town locations.