Anesha Hayward

Intake Team

Email about Anesha

A beam of light to the Willis CC team, Anesha Hayward is a positive, gracious, and caring individual. At her core she is a hospitable host that enjoys having friends and family over for yoga, readings, guided meditations, and moon jams. Anesha is a self taught healer who learns from life experiences, music: Tupac, Erykah Badu, and Prince to name a few & her intuition. Anyone who meets Anesha sees an eternal optimist who is kind and helpful.

Anesha sees issues through to their resolution. She believes that no matter what the situation, she can find a way to solve the problem. These problem solving abilities make her an essential part of the Intake & Business Team. Anesha helps solve guests problems in a compassionate manner to alleviate some of the stress of dealing with insurance or booking. One of her main goals as an Intake & Business Team Specialist is to make the process of finding a therapist as smooth as possible.
Anesha believes that the new age mental health world is delicate and fragile and therefore stigmatized. She values therapy for people because she understands how powerful the mind is and believes that with the help of a great clinician the mind can be restored. She sees therapy as the bridge that brings together the gap between giving up and knowing that there is an answer to everything. She sees guests that take the therapy journey as courageous and knows that it’s hard to open up and trust the therapy process but believes that if someone does, a whole new level of understanding will open up.