Alex Fliess


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Alexandra Fliess’ career path has included eye-opening pieces such as assisting youth with Autism, and working within school environments to increase programming of Social Emotional Learning as well as a Positive Behavior Coach. These kinds of moments truly allowed Alex to think very differently about how we define communication & expression while also shaping her ability to think outside the box with therapy strategies.  These experiences have played a tremendous role in strengthening her confidence in approaching new therapy skills for youth and adults.

She loves life and strives to cultivate in others their own version of what it means to love life and live in the present moment. Alex loves cats, is a voracious reader, and values integrity and honest vulnerable communication within relationships. Connecting with her is refreshing to have the kind of search for truth and honesty within oneself balanced with honoring our own fears and uncertainties.

Guests of Alex include those adults with mood issues, students needing guidance in their next steps with education, and parents needing a coach. She believes therapy offers people an opportunity to discuss challenges they  face in life in an unbiased, empathic, & professional environment.

She works to provide her guests with the tools necessary to manage challenges more effectively in the future by using CBT, Solution-Focused strategies, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Empowerment work. That includes applying these tools for those dealing with toxic relationships, depression and anxiousness. She also works with couples dealing with conflict and uncertainty in their relationship.

Alex was inspired by the voices of many of her guests to create a safe all inclusive group for Recovery Support for those struggling post the campaign and election season with various social, political, and gender related concerns. She co-leads a group with her colleague on Saturdays from 2-3:30pm at our Wicker Park location. She is passionate about creating an all inclusive group where people can share their concerns about how to manage feelings and thoughts around seeing their values threatened by others in power, authority, and at all levels leadership. Sign up here for the group.

Most of her guests experience her as an empathic, kind hearted, and unbiased person who can provide valuable insight. She not only listens, she works to give feedback directed towards helping guests take action steps towards living a life based on their values.

Alex is accepting new guest appointments for adults and students at the Wicker Park studios.