Alex Fliess


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Alexandra Fliess’ career path has included eye-opening pieces such as assisting youth with Autism, and working within school environments to increase programming of Social Emotional Learning as well as a Positive Behavior Coach. These kinds of moments truly allowed Alex to think very differently about how we define communication & expression while also shaping her ability to think outside the box with therapy strategies.  These experiences have played a tremendous role in strengthening her confidence in approaching new therapy skills for youth and adults.

She loves life and strives to cultivate in others their own version of what it means to love life and live in the present moment. Alex loves cats, is a voracious reader, and values integrity and honest vulnerable communication within relationships. Connecting with her is refreshing to have the kind of search for truth and honesty within oneself balanced with honoring our own fears and uncertainties.

Guests of Alex include those adults with mood issues, students needing guidance in their next steps with education, and parents needing a coach. She believes therapy offers people an opportunity to discuss challenges they  face in life in an unbiased, empathic, & professional environment.

She works to provide her guests with the tools necessary to manage challenges more effectively in the future by using CBT, Solution-Focused strategies, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Empowerment work. That includes applying these tools for those dealing with toxic relationships, depression and anxiousness. She also works with couples dealing with conflict and uncertainty in their relationship.

Alex was inspired by the voices of many of her guests to create a safe all inclusive group for Recovery Support for those struggling post the campaign and election season with various social, political, and gender related concerns. She co-leads a group with her colleague on Saturdays from 2-3:30pm at our Wicker Park location. She is passionate about creating an all inclusive group where people can share their concerns about how to manage feelings and thoughts around seeing their values threatened by others in power, authority, and at all levels leadership. Sign up here for the group.

Most of her guests experience her as an empathic, kind hearted, and unbiased person who can provide valuable insight. She not only listens, she works to give feedback directed towards helping guests take action steps towards living a life based on their values.

Alex is accepting new guest appointments for adults and students at the Wicker Park studios.

Alexis Byun

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Alexis Byun likes to laugh and carry “backpacks” for others. It should come as no surprise that in her six years of professional experience in Chicago she has worked in schools, community agencies, and health clinics. The diversity of these environments strengthened her clinical knowledge and ability to adapt her therapy style as needed. She believes laughter vastly improves any situation, and the backpacks she is interested in are the ones bearing the stress, personal history, hurts, fears, and hopes of her guests.

Originally from Guam, she has a strong understanding for what it means to move to completely new areas, experience different cultures, and appreciate creating new communities. Honoring the differences in others starts with honoring the complexities in ourselves and being open to growth that comes in our journeys. Alexis believes every guest is uniquely fascinating and resilient. She enjoys working with those who know that they are not living life to its greatest potential yet, but are willing to put in work to begin a rewarding journey. In a world of high stress and busy schedules, Alexis quotes therapy as the best form of self-care.

Having obtained an Master’s degrees from both Loyola University and the Erikson Institute, Alexis has focused her studies on child development and families. She eagerly melds her strengths-based, solutions-focused background and DBT/ACT practices in her personal therapy style with guests. She has counseled guests grappling with depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship issues, parenting concerns, grief, and self-esteem. She has previously worked with organizations such as Chicago Public Schools and Heartland Health Centers.

Being from Guam, winters aren’t Alexis’ favorite part about Chicago, but her love for the city knows no bounds, as it is a great place for new experiences, restaurants-especially those that offer gluten & dairy free options- and spending time with loved ones while doing meaningful work. She is a huge dog lover and can appreciate those who also understand how connections with animals can also be a form of therapy. Alexis is currently accepting new guests at our Wicker Park Studios.

Anais Moreno


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My ideal guest is the kind of person who is someone who enjoys laughing, is open to meeting new people, and respects other’s ideas and opinions.

I am most eager to apply these things in my work: I enjoy incorporating music, art, and mindfulness exercises into my therapy sessions with guests. I think it is important to offer guests different modalities for self-expression.

If were to write in the “About Me” section, this is what I would say: I’m a bilingual-bicultural therapist whose work with lower income and culturally diverse populations has afforded a unique perspective on the application of therapeutic interventions. In my professional and personal life I live by the idea that we rise by lifting others up.

The most impactful experiences of my career have been the “just calling to say hi” calls with former guests, the invitations to graduations, and the occasional “thank you” from continued guests.

Why I value therapy for people: because it is a safe space and way for people to hold up a mirror to themselves to really deal with issues at their core.

Anais is currently accepting new guests at our Wicker Park location.

Anesha Hayward

Intake Team

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A beam of light to the Willis CC team, Anesha Hayward is a positive, gracious, and caring individual. At her core she is a hospitable host that enjoys having friends and family over for yoga, readings, guided meditations, and moon jams. Anesha is a self taught healer who learns from life experiences, music: Tupac, Erykah Badu, and Prince to name a few & her intuition. Anyone who meets Anesha sees an eternal optimist who is kind and helpful.

Anesha sees issues through to their resolution. She believes that no matter what the situation, she can find a way to solve the problem. These problem solving abilities make her an essential part of the Intake & Business Team. Anesha helps solve guests problems in a compassionate manner to alleviate some of the stress of dealing with insurance or booking. One of her main goals as an Intake & Business Team Specialist is to make the process of finding a therapist as smooth as possible.
Anesha believes that the new age mental health world is delicate and fragile and therefore stigmatized. She values therapy for people because she understands how powerful the mind is and believes that with the help of a great clinician the mind can be restored. She sees therapy as the bridge that brings together the gap between giving up and knowing that there is an answer to everything. She sees guests that take the therapy journey as courageous and knows that it’s hard to open up and trust the therapy process but believes that if someone does, a whole new level of understanding will open up.

April Kilduff

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Of all the things we learn in school, there’s never been a subject more essential to living than learning to engage with our own thoughts and emotions in a healthy way. Fortunately, it’s never too late to learn. Naturally curious, engaged observer, and most importantly an active agent of change; April hopes to bring peace to guests who have struggled far too long with being controlled by their inner experience.

For April, therapy represents a rare opportunity to engage and to develop skills to lead a better life. By prioritizing a safe and supportive environment, April is able to engage those who are finally fed up with being stuck and searching for a new path, especially those weighed down by anxiety, panic attacks and OCD. Combining proven treatment methods such as Exposure Response Prevention, Mindful Awareness and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, April is able to assist those with discovering their untapped, natural strength and potential to push through and live a life that is fulfilling even if anxiety is present.

In her previous career, she excelled in advertising and brand strategy in the corporate marketing world. With a Masters of Art in Advertising from the University of Texas at Austin, and a Masters of Art in Clinical Psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, she has a true personal appreciation for what it means not only to make a career shift but to take life risks in order to follow a dream that won’t quiet within.

Well-read and well-traveled, April identifies with individuals who come from all walks of life. She is vegetarian and has lived in more eclectic, open minded places always pursuing passions like photography, books, and enjoying her cats while being dedicated to learning and following her curiosities.

She is the kind of therapist who recognizes that the “devil is in the details.” With an expertise in anxiety, OCD, and autism spectrum disorders, April employs an inquisitive and open style toward identifying and labeling what road-blocks might exist in life and the most effective method to navigate around obstacles. She has experience working with adults and adolescents including work within partial hospitalization programs, groups for anxiety, and groups for young adults with autism spectrum struggles to learn social acquisition skills.

For April, encouraging a better path can be achieved by sharing alternative ways of thinking and doing actions that disrupt unhelpful habits. With these new skills, life can become both a more meaningful and a manageable experience.

April believes that therapy is a chance to engage while picking up the skills we need to live better. It’s one of the best investments anyone can make in themselves. Guests experience her as smart, investigative, structured, and someone who just “gets it” when it comes to anxiety. She is currently accepting new adolescent and adult guests at the Wicker Park studio.


Arsemiris Galva-Batista

Intake & Business Team Leader

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A mom, trailblazer, and coach, Arsemiris Galva-Batista has a number of hidden gifts. Viewing her own life as an ever-evolving journey, Arsemiris strives to challenge herself and others to be the best versions of themselves. Leading by example is a strength of Arsemiris and she works on our Intake & Business Team.

She has numerous strengths in communication, collaboration, and helping others. Arsemiris is passionate about partnering with fellow humans seeking to better themselves and life journey. She brings a unique and dynamic approach to her work  and believes that every individual holds the power to transform their journey and cultivate the life they dream.

Arsemiris has several experiences working in the customer service field. She received her Master of Sciences degree in Public Service Management from DePaul University. She utilizes her education and past experiences in her career to help her efficiently and effectively complete tasks. As the Intake and Business Team Leader, Arsemiris continues to learn and integrate her communication and management skills to help be an innovative leader at Willis CC.

Arsemiris helps to supports the entire Willis CC team and appreciates collaborating with other Intake team members and therapists. She believes that it takes a community to help individuals evolve to the person they were intended to be.  Her goals on the Intake team are to lead and empower the team to reach success. She most enjoys talking with guests about their concerns and needs and being able to help in creating a customized experience for each individual.

Arsemiris understands the strength it takes to seek out a helping professional. Making the process of finding a therapist and working through the struggles of understanding insurance smooth are key goals for Arsemiris. She is a firm believer that guests are the architects of their own lives and only they know what will make their lives truly meaningful. Her job is to help guests find a way to investigate those meaningful details.


Bridget Caragher

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Bridget Caragher completed her Bachelor of Science in Social Work at St. Louis University before returning to Illinois to complete her Master of Social Work at Loyola University. She has extensive background working with individuals experiencing anxiety, mood, and eating disorders. She also has experience conducting clinical intake assessments and providing psychosocial support on hospice and palliative care units.

Bridget is passionate about engaging in therapeutic work that is creative and is centered around the goals of her guests. Her work is heavily influenced by Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) approaches. In terms of her own values, she defines herself as a people-person who loves her family and friends. She enjoys traveling, creating art, exploring Chicago, and trying new things.

Her most recent experience working with individuals, groups, and families in a residential treatment center was very impactful for her. She enjoyed connecting with people in therapy as well as getting to be present for day-to-day activities including meals and outings off-site. She felt that the experience of working at a level of 24/7 care provided her with skills and tools to help guests she works with at an outpatient level address daily challenges that may arise outside of session.

Bridget enjoys working with guests who are eager to practice engaging in therapy with curiosity and a nonjudgmental attitude. She hopes her guests will partner with her in the process to create new insight and develop skills to improve the quality of their life.

Starting therapy can feel scary and vulnerable at first. Bridget believes that if the therapist can partner with the guest to help navigate the vulnerability with honesty and self-compassion, a safe space can be created to embrace challenges and changes. She believes people can utilize therapy as a place to practice living their values and achieve personal growth.

Bridget is currently accepting guests at our Chicago & Naperville studios.

Caitlin Boshardy


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Caitlin Boshardy began her career in therapy by attending Loyola University for Community Counseling. Initially, she was drawn to the field after receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Communications from DePaul University, where she studied interpersonal relationships and conflict resolution. Caitlin’s enjoys working with individuals that are open to the therapeutic process and understand that the work they put into therapy is directly related to what they can get out of therapy. Caitlin appreciates guests that are explorative, curious, hopeful, and willing.

Caitlin has extensive experience working in an agency setting that specializes in treatment for addiction and severe and persistent mental health. She has incorporated Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) into her work with individuals, groups, and families. She also has experience supervising colleagues and developing anxiety programs. Crisis intervention, trauma, and addiction are areas of expertise for Caitlin. Her expertise are in Addiction, Women’s issues, Trauma, Boundaries, Anxiety, Panic, Depression, Career challenges, and those seeking a greater purpose but feeling “stuck” in that path. She has a strong skill set in using DBT/ACT and other Mindfulness techniques.

Caitlin wholeheartedly believes that half the battle of therapy is developing insight and knowledge into the situation. She believes that once an individual has a grasp on why things are the way they are, then they can take the steps to apply the coping skills needed to live a more adjusted life.

In her free time Caitlin has a passion for travel, food, and reading. Caitlin enjoys good television show and loves talking at length about any fan theory related to tv series. Caitlin believes that therapy is a tried and true method to forging a healthy and productive path for oneself. She thinks of therapy as “you” time for a guest: the time that an individual can use to talk about whatever ails them and receive non-judgmental validation and feedback. She sees therapy as one of the best forms of self-care and one of the best ways to develop insight.

Caitlin is now accepting guests at the Wicker Park location.

Christina Hoffstrom


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Family friendly, warm, easy to connect with and a huge proponent of Play Therapy, Christina Hoffstrom has recently named Chicago home after moving roots from Michigan. Her Social Work career has had many exciting adventures including the extended experience learning and practicing experiential therapies and techniques. These make working with her an exciting experience as she can often “shake things up” with different tools and non traditional activities.

She is a champion for kids and teens and a huge advocate for families. Her passion for enhancing family relationships is ever present along with her love for connecting with children and young adults. Past career work as a Child Welfare Advocate, and Family Reunification Team Leader have shaped her clinical openness to all family arrangements and partnerships. Christina will be the first to stand up for connecting others even in non-traditional family situations as well as supporting increasing communication within relationships.

Additionally, Christina integrates solution focused therapy into her work with adults. Guests who work with Christina come away with concrete skills to help increase emotional regulation, boundary setting and self care. Her blend of DBT and ACT skills helps guests identify committed actions that can lead to changes even during difficult times. Christina’s past experience advocating for guests in the legal system has made her enjoy working with guests who are looking to take charge and grow their ability to advocate for themselves.

Overall, guests experience Christina as eager to help, open to push others to do “outside of session” homework, and an advocate for Parents. She works well with single adults and emerging adults going through life transitions because she knows how to help others navigate life stage questions. Her skills include Mindfulness, Experiential Therapy, and Play Therapy. Her interests include guiding those with relationship stressors, work stress and burnout, as well as communication struggles.

David Michiels


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Grateful, open, and welcoming to all the opportunities in life, David Michiels has much to offer his guests. He is a passionate music-lover, performer and avid adventurer. Valuing nothing short of meaningful connections, David seeks and appreciates the endless journey of self improvement. For him, the inherent wonder of the world is found within and he believes that it is even more profound when it is shared with others.

David enjoys working with individuals that are engaged, energetic, and eager to start the therapeutic process. He finds insight and willingness to change as important parts of beginning therapy. During sessions, David creates an open and nonjudgmental space to help guests explore, problem-solve, and process their concerns. He applies skills such as mindfulness and grounding techniques in session.

Guests that work with David can expect to explore intrapersonal processes, set healthy boundaries, advocate for themselves in their relationships, and learn emotional regulation skills toward committing to actions despite difficult circumstances. His style incorporates Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Mindfulness, and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Crisis intervention, trauma, wellness management, and substance use are areas of expertise for David. His experience as a clinical counselor also enhances his keen sense of evidence-based practices and interventions.

David has experience working with individuals that are experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma, and work/life balance. He understands that therapy is a place to share difficult thoughts and to be honest with the self in ways that even the closest of friends may not be able to provide. He believes that therapy is a chance for every individual who takes the path to reflect, process, challenge thoughts, express, share, and grow. He finds therapy to be empowering and believes that it helps people to live more authentically.

David is accepting new guests at the Wicker Park location.

Ebony Adams

Intake & Business Team Specialist

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A compassionate, warm and loving friend, Ebony Adams has a gift for comforting others. Having patience and understanding is vital to her ever-evolving journey. Ebony is an outgoing and caring team member that will see through any problem until it has been resolved. She goes above and beyond to make sure that guests’ questions are answered and their needs are met. Dedication is a strong value for Ebony and she gives 100% in everything that she does. She is passionate about ensuring that she exceeds the quality of expectations from guests.

Ebony has experience working at the front end of several different high volume customer service settings. One of Ebony’s most rewarding experiences was working with people that experience homelessness and/or have been diagnosed with HIV. Through this experience, Ebony learned priceless lessons on collaboration with team members and excellent customer service and communication skills.

Customer service is an integral part of Ebony’s  role here as an Intake and Business Team Specialist. She supports our team and appreciates working with therapists. Ebony truly enjoys connecting with people on a deeper level. Her goals on the Intake team are to  support guests in their transformation and growth while simultaneously facilitating her own personal growth. She most enjoys talking with guests about the variables that are most affecting their thoughts, emotions, actions, and behaviors.  Being able to help assist in matching the best therapist with the guest is most rewarding to her.

Ebony values therapy and the courage it takes for people to begin the therapeutic process. She believes guests are the experts on their own lives and only they know what will make their lives truly meaningful. Ebony realizes the importance of finding the right therapist to open up to about person concerns and worries. Her job is to help facilitate the process of finding the right fit therapist and resolve any stressful inquiries that may interrupt the therapeutic process. She helps guests find a way to investigate meaningful details of their lives through helping them feel safe and comfortable in starting this journey.

Elizabeth Aljets



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The adage of “ignorance is bliss” exists for a reason, as many of us know, the process of exploring our own flaws can be a terrifying experience. For Elizabeth Aljets, the desire to seek out counseling represents a move toward embracing the courageous part of our identity.

Graduating from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology with a concentration in trauma and recovery, Elizabeth most recently worked as a Senior Clinical Associate with Employee Assistance Programs. Her primary role was working alongside individuals struggling with different forms of addiction, and had experienced various types of trauma. She provided assessment, and implemented short-term behavioral strategies. Additionally, Elizabeth’s work at local non-profits, provided an opportunity to facilitate group and individual therapy.

Elizabeth’s therapeutic work is one that is self-empowering, direct, and motivational. She brings a strong sense of thoughtfulness, planning, and coordination to her work. Whether it’s in the area of addiction, trauma, or collaborating with an entire family system, Elizabeth doesn’t make a distinction between what is large or small change. Instead, Elizabeth desires to co-create experiences for guests that bring about the world they want to see around them.  

Additionally, she integrates techniques of cognitive-behavioral therapies with other evidence based practices.  Guests that work with Elizabeth walk away with skills training on emotional regulation, setting boundaries and advocating for themselves in their relationships. Her style incorporates Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness, and other Skills work towards committing to actions despite difficult circumstances. Her experience working with a diverse clientele make her committed to providing excellent service to all of her guests

She has spent time traveling to beautiful and exciting places, has studied some interesting topics, and is a huge animal advocate. Guests experience her as humorous, very easy to connect with, informed on various professional industries, and a strong motivator. She is currently accepting new guests at our Wicker Park studios.

Elizabeth Amastal

Intake and Business Team Specialist & EAP Lead Liason

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A social work student, traveler, dancer, and devoted friend, Elizabeth Amastal  is an individual who seeks to embrace her talents. Viewing her own life as an ever-evolving journey, Elizabeth believes in community as a tool toward self discovery, exploration and healing. She brings a unique and dynamic approach to her work and believes that from emotional intelligence can emerge a fulfilling life.  

As a member of the Intake Team, Elizabeth is a supportive presence, one who enjoys connecting with guests regarding their needs, concerns, and ensuring their experience at Willis is positive. Furthermore, Elizabeth is currently enrolled at Northeastern Illinois University and working toward a degree in Social Work. One of the reasons she became interested in the mental health industry is due to her conviction that emotional wellbeing is an essential aspect of life, and is on par with physical health.

Ultimately, Elizabeth endeavors to reduce stigma of mental health within all communities. She believes guests are the experts of their own lives and only they know what is required to make their lives truly meaningful. In this role, she is there to help guests investigate the details that will place them on the path toward vitality. She currently serves as our EAP Department lead and our Business Team Specialist.

Elliott DiTusa


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A competitive softball player, golfer, and jigsaw puzzler, Elliott DiTusa has an exceptionally down-to-Earth approach to therapy that allows him to create interventions that are concise, deep, and promote true strength of spirit.

A native of Chicago, he received his M.A. at Adler University in Chicago, with a specialization in Sport and Health Psychology. He spent the better part of his professional career learning how to appropriately motivate and coach individuals through making significant life changes. With an emphasis in addiction, recovery, health and wellness, Elliott is a caring and holistic clinician who brings a wide variety of talent into our practice.

Utilizing training around visual and audio based imagery, he attempts to foster change by accessing the healthy aspects of our identity. Furthermore, by bringing his previous experiences with Sport and Health Psychology, Elliott is able to construct methods to identify problematic areas within physical and psychological health.

He has extensive experience working with adults treating anxiety, depression, addiction, and mood disorders. Elliott also has experience working with adolescents in a school setting. Crisis intervention, trauma, performance enhancement, and smoking cessation are areas of expertise for Elliott. Populations he has worked with include compulsive gamblers, first responders, athletes, and exercisers. He also has extensive experience in EAP settings. He incorporates evidence based techniques, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), along with client-centered principles.

Elliott believes that level of engagement is a key part of the therapeutic process. Therefore, he seeks out guests who are wanting an active, collaborative approach. When working alongside him, guests can expect to immediately be in a safe space where his target is to shape the unique goals, vision, and values of how you wish to live your life. He is currently accepting new guests at our Wicker Park studios.

Emily McKernan


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At it’s core, learning reflects a relationship, one that requires us to encounter mistake and to tolerate the process of searching for solution. As a devoted student of life, Emily McKernan values the relationship of learning, using it as the starting place to engage in expedition, connection, and the path toward a dynamic life.

Emily received her Master’s degree in Social Work from Loyola University. Her passion for education pushed her toward the completion of post graduate work at the University of Chicago where she received training in evidenced based interventions, including Dialectical Behavioral therapy (DBT) and Acceptance and Commitment therapy (ACT). The obtainment of these skills, positions her in direct opposition to our “fast-paced”, results driven culture. For Emily, therapy is the endeavor to introduce intentional process, one that allows us to pause and reflect upon our values, not simply given into the pressure stemming from professional roles.

Respectful of time and agency, Emily endeavors to create tangible and direct benefits for engaging in therapy. By utilizing an active stance: she can focus on the exploration of workable coping strategies, reinforcing communication skills and increasing emotional regulation. Areas of expertise include: depression, anxiety, trauma, career struggles and interpersonal conflict resolution. Guests who work with Emily will come away with an increased understanding of themselves, their values, and have a solid plan to move toward a more fulfilling life.

Emily believes that the learning process is not one that ends with graduation but rather continues throughout life. She frequently looks for ways to increase her knowledge on a variety of subjects. She enjoys traveling to new places, learning about different cultures throughout the world.

Emily is accepting guests at the Wicker Park and Old Town locations.

Emily Thornton


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A yogi, traveler, advocate, and friend, Emily Thornton has a number of hidden talents. Viewing her own life as an ever-evolving journey, Emily is passionate about partnering with fellow humans to explore, discover, and heal. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Fiction Writing and Master of Social Work Degree from DePaul University, Emily brings a unique and dynamic approach to therapy and believes that every individual holds the power to transform their journey and cultivate the life they dream of.  

Emily has experience working with adults, adolescents, children, and families, including significant experience in addressing trauma, anxiety, depression, environmental stressors, and in providing parental coaching. Emily has studied trauma-informed approaches to therapy, including trauma-focused CBT, and has extensive experience utilizing DBT, narrative therapy, and a variety of other approaches rooted in empowering, humanistic, and solutions-focused theories. When working with teens, Emily likes to use art and play therapy to unlock self-expression while introducing “kid sized” coping skills and creative tools for parents. 

Having spent many years doing nonprofit social justice work, Emily has worked with people from a variety of backgrounds, lived experiences, and identities. She has designed and led cultural competency trainings, and has joined with members of vulnerable populations to push back on oppressive realities and fight for much-needed change. She has also worked with folks to address personal privilege and to find realistic, impactful ways to be part of creating solutions.

For those who are coming to therapy unsure of where to begin, as well as for those who come with a clear goal in mind, Emily offers a warm and patient partnership that is purposeful enough to create results and fluid enough to allow for change. She also has developed some of WCC’s yoga programs. Emily is a graduate of the 200-hour yoga teacher training at Yogaview Chicago and is currently studying trauma-focused yoga interventions for use in a variety of settings.

The decision to seek out therapy—whether for the first or fiftieth time—is brave and powerful, but it can also be scary and confusing. Emily aims to meet people wherever they are in their journey and works to build a meaningful therapeutic relationship from the very start. Emily is currently accepting new guests at the Wicker Park studio.


Erika Rosen


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Erika Rosen is attuned to professional change and growth. Having spent a number of years in the business sector, Erika realized her true calling was in directly helping others and began toward the path of becoming a clinical therapist. Erika received her Master of Arts in Counseling from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology where she developed a passion for working with individuals and families that have experienced trauma.

Erika received her clinical license and became a Certified Domestic Violence Professional. She has extensive experience working with individuals, children, and families in several different settings. Erika’s professional experience encompasses a wide variety of challenges that individuals face such as depression, anxiety, relationship and family issues, abuse, and trauma.

Prior to joining Willis, Erika has experience as a program director and manager of an inpatient/outpatient clinic for survivors of trauma and their families. Erika continues to educate and train healthcare professionals about the intricacies of trauma and interpersonal violence to help increase knowledge about the effects of trauma.

Trauma work has played a critical role within Erika’s practice. Erika believes that the three most important facets of therapy include: exploration, understanding, and growth. In order to reach these goals, Erika works to develop a physically and emotionally “brave” space that is warm, open, and empathic. Erika is someone that opens up space in the therapy setting in order to help an individual along a journey of healing and reflection. Erika utilizes Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and other mindfulness/relaxation techniques during sessions. She also includes alternative approaches in her sessions and utilizes a feminist approach in therapy.

Originally from Ohio, Erika enjoys spending time with friends, family, and exploring all that Chicago has to offer. Erika is currently accepting guests at the Wicker Park location.

Fabrice Lubin

Psy. D.

Clinical Supervisor & Licensed Psychologist
Email about Fabrice

Change is a constant that often appears out of nowhere, at it’s worst, separating us from the things that matter.  As a published poet, father and creative spirit Dr. Fabrice Robert Lubin is an engaging therapist respecting the struggle of change and skillfully seeking to create unique opportunities. By interweaving evidence-based practice with an emphasis in radical change, Dr. Fabrice Lubin seeks to foster a connection for individuals desiring something new, profound, and meaningful.

Fabrice is also co-host to Mindful Chatter a podcast centering on vulnerability and mindfulness around challenging topics. Episodes of the podcast are available on SoundCloud and iTunes.

His work is reflected across the lifespan and in a variety of settings including: Veteran’s Affairs, college counseling, and partial/intensive outpatient hospital programming for depression, anxiety, substance use issues, self injury, career changes, and identity exploration. Fabrice excels at creating a concise, supportive, and engaging therapeutic environment. At Willis CC, he continues to strive for diverse clinical experiences working alongside all genders, teens, students, adults, and parents. He has also worked with many artists, health care providers, & emerging adults who are trying to bridge steps between taking new risks and practicing responsible decision making.

Guests working alongside Fabrice are often reminded of the inherent joy in self-discovery and leave with the courage to pursue a life of value. He can be described as in touch with the moment, thoughtful, casually witty, and deeply passionate about issues of culture and diversity. As an active dad, he has an appreciation for what it means to be a role model placing a special emphasis within the role of fathers. Fabrice believes in teaching values to our children while continuing to balance the daily demands of professional life.

Seeking to assist guests in achieving a sense of harmony within moments of crisis, transition, and relationships, Fabrice believes therapy should be an active collaborative process felt in the room. For those who have found therapy to be too abstract or removed, Fabrice searches for creative ways to foster realistic progress.

Recently he was awarded the 2016 Spiritual Gangster Award: For embodying the heart and soul of Willis Counseling and Consulting. We are proud to have him as a leader on our team.

Incorporating successful therapeutic interventions such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy he encourages guests to process skills in-session and are offered the opportunity to get vital feedback necessary to confront the challenge of personal growth. Fabrice is currently accepting new guests in the Wicker Park, Old Town, and Naperville studios.

Gabriela Lagos


Email about Gabriela

Gabriela Lagos has worked in the mental health field for 15 years and has extensive experience working in a variety of settings. She enjoys working with guests receptive to obtaining help and a desire to have a wider perspective. Gabriela understands that some guests have hesitations about whether or not therapy is right for them. She provides services in Spanish and in English.

She believes that it is her job to show them that even by just going to the first appointment, that is a big step. After guests have taken the first step of coming to the first appointment, Gabriela continues to help guide guests in their journey. During the therapeutic journey, Gabriela utilizes compassion, understanding, and patience. She also enjoys using meditation, deep breathing, quotes, and journaling during sessions.

Gabriela has experience working with individuals, families, and groups. She integrates techniques of cognitive-behavioral therapies and emotional skills, according to the unique needs of the individual, family, or group. Gabriela works with a wide range of issues, including depression, anxiety, self-esteem/self-empowerment, relationship/family concerns, and individual counseling for personal and emotional growth.  Crisis intervention, trauma, and grief/loss are areas of expertise for Gabriela and she has significant experience in school, hospital, and crisis center settings.

Gabriela provides a nonjudgmental environment and safe space to explore issues that are presented in an individual’s life. Through her strength-based approach, she strives to help individuals achieve the goals they have in mind for themselves.

Being a clinical therapist and a helping professional has been a long term goal for Gabriela. She values therapy for people because she truly believes in the process and has experienced the power of the therapeutic process. She considers herself grateful to be able to work in a profession that she truly believes in and feels passionate about her work.

One of her favorite quotes is:”Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that’s very important for good health”.~ Dalai Lama

Gabriela is now accepting new guests at the Wicker Park location.

Heather Treat


Email about Dr. Heather

Heather Treat received her PsyD in Clinical Psychology from the Texas School of Professional Psychology before moving to Chicago in 2013. She currently practices as a Licensed Psychologist. Mindfulness is a way of life for Heather and it helped her develop her identity as a therapist. Heather now identifies as a contextual behavioral therapist using Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) interventions/skills and an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) approach to intervene with her guests.

Her specialties include working with both adolescents and adults struggling with all different types of anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and relationship issues. She is adept at helping others find ways to improve themselves and their relationships with other people.

Heather brings a sense of genuineness, empathy, and warmth to her therapy with guests. She uses behavioral techniques, experiential activities, exposures, and family work to help guests improve the quality of their lives. She likes to use visuals and guests will often leave with a drawing or handout to help them in their treatment.

She has one criteria for her guests: Willingness. Guests experience her as someone who teaches skills and helps them set attainable goals. Heather believes all people inherently have everything they need to move forward in their lives. She likes to help them find what they need and use it. She holds her guests accountable and helps them commit to actions that move them towards their values. She also likes to help people improve their self-care routines so they can better emotionally regulate and be overall less vulnerable to external stressors. In terms of her own self-care, Heather loves to spend time with family and friends, do yoga, cook and watch movies.

Heather is currently accepting new guests at our Naperville Studio.

Jennifer Foley

Email about Jennifer

A native of Chicago, Jenny is not new to improving the lives of people. She is best described as being down to earth and easy to connect. While having over a decade of experience in therapeutic settings, she is energized working with the families and professionals of the City.

With adults, Jenny’s specialty is addressing anxiety, corporate work burnout & stress, trauma, and life transitions such as change of job or tough life decision making.  Recently she has specialized in working with returning Soldiers and Veterans with transitioning back into the work force. She also works with women going through pregnancy challenges and post-partum depression.

She likes to tailor the therapy based on the interests of her guests while still providing practical techniques for daily use. Most guests who have worked with Jenny have learned skills like grounding techniques, cognitive thought restructuring, relaxation, and relationship enhancement.

Her primary therapeutic tools include Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Exposure Therapy, and Mindfulness. Jenny’s guests are often learning multiple skills and tools while focusing on their strengths.

Living healthy has always been important to her and being a vegetarian for most of her life is a large reflection of her love for animals and wellness. Jenny believes in promoting individuals to take the steps towards a new life for themselves.  She received her Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University. She was also named WillisCC’s Therapist of the Year 2012. Guests experience her to be soothing, sweet, and informative.

Jessica Wohlbrandt


Email about Jessica

Upon receiving her master’s degree in Social Work from Loyola University of Chicago, Jessica Wohlbrandt has dedicated her life work to illuminating the lives of adults, adolescents, and families. A staunch advocate of diversity and community, Jessica has endeavored throughout her career to foster a more inclusive and safe environment for individuals to thrive.

Jessica is the rare kind of therapist, one, whose clinical expertise allows her to address a wide variety of challenges including: substance abuse, trauma, severe mental illness, grief due to loss, and issues surrounding domestic violence. She has participated in trainings conducted by the Human Rights Campaign to strengthen the inner strength of the LGBT community. Employing a sense of directness, empathy, and warmth allows her to meet those she works with at the center of their struggle and develop the resilience to overcome limitations.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Jessica has extensive experience working in a school setting that specializes in treatment for adolescents experiencing traumatic stress and trauma. She has incorporated Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) into her work with individuals, groups, and families. Crisis intervention and cognitive-behavioral therapies are areas of expertise for Jessica, and she has experience in residential settings as well. Her expertise with adults include Anxiety, Depression, Career challenges, and those seeking a greater purpose but feeling “stuck” in that path. She has a strong skill set in using DBT/ACT and other Mindfulness techniques.

Her work throughout various Chicagoland communities reflects a devout therapist who appreciates the value of humor, growth and support. For Jessica, the pillars in which she walks upon consists of her friends, family, generosity, and her outright love of Chicago sports.

Guests experience her as eager, curious, a strong advocate for youth & parents, and an overall supporter of those who are willing to take risks to see growth in their lives. She is currently accepting new guests at our Wicker Park Studios.

Joy Ocampo


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Demonstrating an interest within the area of mind and body, Joy Ocampo seeks to understand how people can learn to connect the two in order to face adversity and within their lives. With a passion for helping others reach their potential, as well as an emphasis in sports and health, Joy is as active in session as she is within her daily life.

Joy received a M.A. in Counseling with a specialization in Sport and Health Psychology at Adler University in Chicago. During her training, Joy has learned to help people reach their peak performance in life by teaching them effective skills to increase motivation, goal setting, interpersonal skill building and managing emotional distress. Joy believes that a holistic approach is most beneficial in one’s well-being in which all aspects of life should be evaluated. She incorporate positive self-talk, and imagery to manage anxiety and emotions,

Presently, Joy has extensive experience working in a behavioral health hospital setting that specializes in treatment for anxiety disorders. She incorporates Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Exposure Response Prevention (ERP), along with  Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), into her work with individuals, groups, and families. Her areas of expertise include OCD, Anxiety, Eating Disorders, Panic, Career challenges, and those seeking a greater purpose but feeling “stuck” in that path.

Joy is a clinician actively engaging to decrease mental health stigma. Just like going in for a check-up at the doctor’s office, Joy encourages everyone needs to get a check-up with their therapist. As we are often told to keep our minds in check without knowing how. The mind is one of the most complex and powerful things in the world – With the help of Joy she seeks to provide the skills and tools to create balance in your life, mentally and physically.

On her off-hours Joy spends her time engaging in daily activity and sports. She is currently seeking to work with guests in the Wicker Park office.

Kaylyn Howley

Email us about Kaylyn

Kaylyn received her BS in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater before moving to Chicago to receive her MA in Clinical Psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology.

She has a background in crisis training, gambling and substance abuse addiction, and providing web and mobile-based counseling. An important value for her is wellness, and one of her most impactful experiences has been presenting to hundreds of professionals on varying wellness topics, such as creating a life vision and mindfulness.

Kaylyn enjoys working with guests who are seeking personal growth and who are willing to try out new things. She has worked with individuals struggling with addiction, anxiety, depression, and who are undergoing transition and crises in their lives. Kaylyn has experience working with individuals, families, and couples. She is eager to apply her extensive knowledge base of mindfulness as well her personality strengths of empathy, humor, acceptance, and genuineness.

She believes that therapy can help people discover their own vast resources for self-understanding and healing. It can help define and create a path to reach wellness goals; and improve relationships with family and friends.

Kaylyn loves being active and prefers to spend most of her time outside. She is always trying new workouts but enjoys swimming and yoga the most. Kaylyn moved from Wisconsin to Chicago for graduate school and has fallen in love with the city and all it has to offer: running on the lakeshore, trying new restaurants or visiting museums. To relax, she often curls up with a good book, usually either by Russ Harris or George R. R. Martin.

Kaylyn is currently accepting new guests at our Wicker Park studio.

Laura Koehler

Psy. D.
Email about Dr. Laura

Imagine having a life bucket list as a teenager and checking off so many items that into adulthood you have to keep adding adventures. This is a glimpse into Dr. Laura Koehler. She believes that a life list should be constantly growing as we challenge ourselves to live more fully.

She often says we need to help guests get moving back onto their values path to living meaningful lives. Her expertise is working with anxiety and she uses experiential activities, exposures, behavioral activation exercises, family work and new DBT skills and ACT metaphors to help make progress even while anxiety is present.

For those who come to therapy feeling unsatisfied with their current lives for any reason or situation, Laura combines mindful interventions to help them creatively shift to exploring how to have more full and meaningful lives. Therapy with her includes accountability to move in that meaningful direction. She pushes guests to commit to actions, in the service of their values, despite uncomfortable thoughts and feelings.

Laura has significant experience with adolescents and families who feel “stuck” in anxiety or panic even to the point of avoiding school, work, or other major life hurdles. She has developed programs and training opportunities for organizations to learn how to use willingness and sitting with discomfort to take actions toward the value path. She has led dozens of groups, trainings, and has supervised numerous psychologists in training.

Those seeking radical change will experience work with Laura to look like a collaborative relationship between the clinician and the guest. She believes guests are the experts on their own lives and only they know what will make their lives truly meaningful. Her job, as a psychologist, is to help guests find a way to investigate those meaningful details.  

Laura believes she can help her guests create their value paths, but only guests can choose to walk it. Her schedule is open to see new guests at our Naperville studio.

Lauren Jackson


Email about Lauren

My ideal guest is the kind of person who is ready to make transformational changes within their life. They are open to the therapeutic process, able to receive feedback on barriers that hinders them from living their optimal desired lifestyle and is open to being challenged in a supportive delivery by me.

I am most eager to apply these things in my work such as gestalt techniques, feminist theory mixed with CBT. I am all about guests becoming self aware of their everyday behaviors, thoughts, environment and past experiences. In addition, I love providing education to them on how to manage these feelings/experiences and how they play a role within their everyday life’s journey.

If I were to write in the “About Me” section this is what I would say:

When I look into the future, it’s so bright it burns my eyes. 
I am a woman in process. 

I’m just trying like everybody else. 

I try to take every conflict, every experience, and learn from it. 

Life is never dull. 
Think like a queen. 

A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness. 
What God intended for you goes far beyond anything you can imagine… – Oprah Winfrey    

The most impactful experiences of my career path so far has been working with Domestic Violence victims and having a growing passion for working within that population, obtaining my various licenses, learning that I can create the career of my dreams within this field and leave an impact for others using all my gifts/talents.

Why I value therapy for people is because I truly feel the way we should take care of our physical health, we should do the same for our mental health as well. I love assisting others in discovering their full potential, operating from their highest and best versions of themselves, helping them find breakthroughs within traumatic circumstances and helping them expand their coping skill toolboxes.

Lauren is accepting new guests in our Wicker Park studios.

Lori Allen


Email about Lori

Raised within the natural splendor of Colorado, Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and Certified Yoga Instructor, Lori Allen, seeks to create therapeutic alliances that reflect the inherent beauty of nature, fluidity of life, and the joy of the self. She currently also is working to add more yoga classes to our studios at Wicker Park!

Lori brings six years of teaching and five years of clinical practice in a pediatric medical setting to her work with individuals, groups and families of diverse ethnic, spiritual and economic backgrounds. Lori practices a trauma informed humanistic approach to her work with individuals who have experiences with major life transitions, trauma, coping and adjustment to illness, grief and loss, anxiety, depression and issues of culture and identity.

Throughout her career Lori has taken on many meaningful roles including facilitation of adult transition groups, student mentorship, and facilitation of meditation and yoga practices for staff development programs. Lori has completed training integrative healthcare at Northwestern’s Osher Center, Meditation teacher training through Ananda Expanding Light Education Center and is a certified yoga teacher (RYT 200).

Lori takes an eclectic approach to her work, drawing upon various therapeutic modalities including relational therapy, attachment therapy, Expressive/Creative therapy, Mindfulness meditation, yoga, wilderness therapy and body-centered psychotherapy. During the summer months Lori partners with wilderness non-profits in facilitating backpacking and sea-kayaking trips throughout remote regions of the United States for young adult cancer survivors, survivors of trauma and adolescents with disabilities.

Lori’s professional experience informs her work in a myriad of ways. She is passionate about integrating her clinical practice with mindfulness meditation, yoga, and awareness of our surroundings. Lori thrives when working with individuals who have a curiosity and desire to grow and further develop as a person regardless of where they are in the change process. She genuinely appreciates individuals who have a level of self-awareness and the propensity to further develop their capacity for reflective thought.

Outside of work, Lori enjoys spending time with her family and friends sharing in travels, both near and far, outdoor activities, ethnic cuisine, and the arts. She is a lover of novels, exercise, photography, cooking recipes, and is even known to dabble with aromatherapy!

For Lori, the value of therapy is both professional and personal. She perceives therapy as a gift provided in difficult junctures in life to anyone who is open to receiving it. Lori feels that we live in a very busy, fast-paced time and it is not particularly common to be with our emotions—the good and the bad. She believes that to grow and be present we need to allow ourselves to experience all of the emotions, but sometimes need support with some of the more difficult ones so that we do not get stuck in our pain and anger.

Part of why Lori is a therapist and a teacher of yoga and meditation is to prepare a space for individuals to pause, to be present, and reflect on where they are in any given moment. Being able to give and receive such a gift lends itself to our ongoing development and refinement of an authentic self.

Lori feels passionately that each individual has the inner capacity to create positive change, growth and healing in their life through taking time to pause and cultivate a heightened reflective capacity through the use of mind body connection and expressive therapy. Lori is currently accepting new guests of all ages at our Wicker Park studio.

Marisa Lewis

Clinical Intern & Intake Team

Email about Marisa

Marisa Lewis enjoys working with a variety people to help achieve life meaning and acceptance. She is passionate about and embraces the work that she does. Marisa received her Bachelor’s degree in Education from Eastern Illinois University in Charleston and is currently in school to achieve her Master of Arts in Counseling from Governor’s State University. She enjoys spending time outdoors whenever possible, antiquing, and traveling to and experience different cultures.

She enjoys meeting with guests who are willing to walk a path alongside their therapist to accomplish their created goals by exploring the strengths they possess. She flourishes when working with guests who are up for challenging incongruence, while also being able to help guests see their alternate choices.

Marisa values therapy because it helps guide individuals to accomplish their life meaning. She believes that therapy is a way to support and to make inner change in order to evolve into the accepting person one can be. Marisa believes that therapy can be used to help a person recognize the individual’s strengths they possess and can serve to empower the person to use those strengths in everyday life. In some situations, it can be helpful for individuals to take a look at alternative paths and see different choices that help create life meaning.

Also, guests experience her to be eager to apply her empathic, un-biased attitude towards her work in order to build a strong, trusting relationship with her guests. She is ready to help guests see their alternative choices in life that help them to obtain their goals, as well as  applying her sense of humor to her work; a good laugh is always healing.

The most impactful experiences of her career path so far has been teaching and gaining clinical experience through her graduate program. Teaching high school has taught her the interworking of adolescents, and all the hardships they may face. Her clinical experience has taught her the importance of being vulnerable and trusting the process of therapy. Through the supervision and mentoring that she has been fortunate to receive, she has become more self-aware of her professional identity. Because of this, Marisa was able to become more confident and effective with certain guests. She believes that a therapist needs to be genuine, nonjudgmental, and show guests positive regard, but she also believes that part of being genuine is sharing honest reactions with guests because the counseling relationship itself can be the biggest tool in change.

Marisa is now accepting guests at our Wicker Park location on a sliding scale.

Myriam Leclerc Sanchez

Email about Myriam

A Montreal, Canada native Myriam is an avid traveler, and multilingual therapist speaking French, Spanish and English. Matters of culture and diversity are important to her as are spirituality and growth. She devotes her work to serving all families, individuals, and couples across the lifespan. She is a Supervisor and a Perinatal Specialist.

Fostering a sense of creative interaction, engaging exercises, and a commitment toward change, Myriam seeks to inspire real-life solutions for guests who feel blocked by their struggles. Due in part to her knowledge in areas of family systems, intimacy, and communication, Myriam is able to inspire positive change in a manner that’s easy to comprehend. Whether guests are searching for skills to cope with anxiety, reduce marital discord, or trying to connect with their children, Myriam can provide a detailed and organically developed plan on how to effectively create the change one wishes to see in the world.

Because of her years working alongside parents she is skilled at coaching others on positive discipline techniques and healthier communication within a family. Adolescents experience her as approachable and parents as a refreshing ally. She also specializes with prenatal, postnatal, and fertility issues.

In addition to her knowledge level of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Mindfulness skills, Myriam is known by her guests as being someone who is willing to hold her guests accountable to the goals they set. She also has worked with couples and individuals on sexual struggles and difficulties with physical intimacy as well as fertility concerns. Couples  and partners therapy is an important area of her work including a look at areas of multiculturalism and diversity.

Myriam has a certificate in Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders, and utilizes a combination of education, mindfulness, and skills work to address mental health concerns surrounding pregnancy. Whether it affects the mother, the father, or older siblings, Myriam will encourage all family members to share their feelings regarding their loss of freedom and control, communicate their needs to each other, and formulate committed actions based on their newfound values that will move them closer to the kind of caretakers they want to be.

One of Myriam’s mantras, is “where there’s life, there is hope.” Guests who work with Myriam will find a profoundly devoted and skilled therapist. Her interventions are experiential in nature, creating sessions that are lively and full of work. In this way, Myriam directly reaches into the heart of the issue posing alternative solutions to move toward meaningful success. She is currently accepting guests in Naperville and Wicker Park studios.

Rachel Christensen


Email about Rachel

As humans, we are always evolving and constantly hoping to learn more, cope better, and make positive changes in our quest for fulfillment in life. While on that journey, Rachel Christensen believes that anyone can benefit from therapy in order to gain new skills, improve self-reflection, and fine-tune goals. From her perspective, therapy can often be a stepping stone to help guests who are wanting to feel more complete or develop into better versions of themselves.

Rachel has a passion for partnering with guests affected by anxiety, depression, relationship troubles, perfectionism, body image insecurities, and major life transitions. While capitalizing on guests’ strengths to empower them, she blends elements of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Interpersonal Psychotherapy, ultimately to support a greater sense of well-being and meaning. Rachel also specializes in using a Whole-Person Approach to help guests impacted by the various losses, role changes, and uncertainties that often accompany having to cope with chronic illness and physical health difficulties.

With the hope of further growth and insight, Rachel’s therapeutic style strikes a balance between coaching guests on new habits and practical skills while also challenging guests to delve more deeply to face any underlying discomfort and uncertainty. Those that work with Rachel experience her as warm and open-minded, as she offers a nonjudgmental, safe space and unconditional positive regard for her guests, allowing them to feel comfortable to explore their thoughts, feelings, and ideal selves.
Rachel is now accepting guests at our Chicago locations.

Rachel Clifton


Email about Rachel Clifton

Rachel moved to Chicago from Ohio to complete her Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Northwestern University. She now calls Chicago home and enjoys spending time exploring the diverse neighborhoods of the city, sampling new restaurants, walking her dog, and engaging with friends. Friends, co-workers, and guests describe her as being genuine, honest, thoughtful, smart, and passionate about her work.

Rachel has enjoyed her experience in higher level of care such as inpatient psychiatric units and Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient Programs. Her background has afforded her the opportunity to teach others about taking effective action through intentional skill use to cope with daily challenges. Rachel appreciates the chance to provide options for guests to choose a course of action based on their goals and values.

Rachel utilizes strategies from Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Exposure and Response Prevention to address mood and anxiety disorders, self-harm, eating disorders, and adjustment with changes in life circumstances in adolescents, families, and adults. She has a newfound interest in providing behavior coaching to parents looking to improve communication and desired behaviors with their children. Her guests work on developing a life worth living through goal setting, personal growth, and connection with others.

She recognizes that some people may start therapy motivated to change while others initiate the treatment process feeling ambivalent about the direction they want to take. She welcomes all levels of readiness and provides a nonjudgmental space to support decision-making.

As a part of WillisCC, Rachel is invested in helping to integrate new innovations for our guests. She is passionate about connecting guests with resources for self-advocacy, empowerment, and life satisfaction to overcome barriers from past experiences.

At this time she is accepting new guest appointments in the Wicker Park studio.

Rachel Waggoner

Clinical Supervisor, LCPC
Email about Rachel

Rachel Waggoner values therapy for individuals and the bravery it takes to pursue therapy in order to further discover themselves. Therapy can be hard work. Individuals that choose to seek out therapy in order to try to work through hard circumstances and to explore other ways to manage their emotions are courageous in her opinion. 

Rachel is a certified Transformation Meditation teacher and utilizes meditations during sessions to help guests with breathing techniques and relaxation.
Rachel is a cohost of the Mindful Chatter podcast which was created to help bring mindful dialogue and techniques to people outside of the therapy space. Episodes of the podcast are available on SoundCloud and iTunes.

Rachel thrives when working with guests who are open to exploring their challenges.. She enjoys working with others that try to see their problems from different perspectives and who will seek to problem solve without giving up their values in the process. Rachel believes that individuals who are willing to discover new paths and try new things are opening themselves up to new opportunities.

Rachel utilizes mindfulness in session and increasing  self-awareness. She is eager to apply other Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills such as helping someone reach the wise mind when working through difficult situations that bring about the emotional or logical mind. Learning these types of DBT skills in session can help further develop healthy communication and distress tolerance which can help in many personal and relational issues.

Rachel is a passionate and energetic person that tries to achieve balance in all aspects of her life. Education is a strong value of hers and she believes that it does not stop once you have graduated. She loves to read books, spend time outside, and exercise. One of her favorite ways to spend her time is through cooking and creating new meals to share with family and friends.

She has had many great experiences working with individuals that have had significant trauma histories and many inconsistencies in their lives, yet have the courage and strength to work hard in order to move forward in their path to fulfillment. She feels lucky to be have been a support system for these individuals in order to help them with their self-exploration.

Many of her guests are women who are seeking support, relationship woes, and learning how to set firmer boundaries in their lives. She also has a lot of experience working with families, teens and those who are going through major life transitions or career stress. Those who work with Rachel experience her as warm and bold, a healthy voice of accountability and a refreshing perspective. She is currently accepting guests at our Chicago studios.

Shawn Airhart

Email about Shawn

Having graduated with an M.A. in Professional Counseling from Concordia University, Shawn Airhart’s professional career has spanned a number of different environments following the flow of her passion to embrace diverse community, families, and individuals.

The majority of her clinical work includes working with individuals who have encountered intense transition, trauma, and crisis. Shawn believes that therapy is beneficial for anyone and everyone. For Shawn, no two people are the same, and her approach is to identify the inner strength of an individual that has yet to be explored. By participating in therapy in a collaborative manner, Shawn seeks to act as “sounding board” to amplify the values, goals, and dreams that lay unrealized in the life of those she works with.

Shawn is an undeniably engaging presence and seeks to be active participant within therapy. Having worked as a Emergency Services Director in a local Hospital ER, Shawn demonstrates a flexibility to embrace those individuals who are experiencing challenging circumstances. Shawn works to to assist guests with creating tangible solutions that are supportive, fluid, and is willing to work with larger families and systems to promote real change.

Her focus with adults includes helping to manage stress levels, deal with relationship concerns, life direction, anxiety and uncertainty with change. She has a strong presence of using skills and educating people on making life change & setting healthy boundaries. Guests experience her as strong, empowering, and a brave advocate.

Shawn is currently accepting new guests at our Wicker Park and Old Town studios.

Stephanie Willis

Email about Stephanie

As the founder of Willis CC, Stephanie Willis has maintained a strong emphasis on accountability, innovation, and collaboration within the practice. She is originally from Houston, Texas and is of Guatemalan and American descent practicing clinically in Spanish and in English. She has been in the Chicago-land area for the last decade plus with work in Non-Profits, Hospitals, & Wilderness Programs before establishing WillisCC. She received her Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from Wheaton College. She currently writes a column called Mindful Cafe with the Naperville Sun-Times which can be found on our Facebook.

Early in her career, she specialized with high risk adolescents addressing self-injury, gang involvement, and drug use. She has significant experience doing Wilderness Therapy & leading World Cafe consultations for communities. Her expertise with adults focuses on perfectionism, stress relief, addiction, cultural struggles, faith & spiritual development as well as relationship stress.

Stephanie works to view her guests through an open and respectful lens by understanding how their cultural, sexual orientation, and spiritual or political preferences may have an influence on the guest’s world view. Her technique style is broad utilizing interventions that are evidence based to show effective from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Family Systems, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Directive Observant Feedback.

She often works with business owners, senior management professionals, and other health care providers. Her work ranges from helping those with major life decisions, supporting young professionals trying to navigate corporate life stress, and educating other leaders on evidence based approaches to improving their industry.

At WillisCC she has led her team to using innovative ways to bring the therapy process into 2015. As a practice, all staff work as a team asking our guests for regular feedback about the fit they have with their therapist, the smoothness to our clinical process and the overall effectiveness of their work towards life change in therapy. Stephanie believes that if therapy doesn’t get uncomfortable at some point and challenging risk taking isn’t happening outside of session then the therapy or therapist needs to change.

The team at WillisCC also works openly with one another so that guests can get the benefit from all staff including the opportunity to obtain skills from another therapist when beneficial to the guest. We see our guests’ needs and values as our priority. Therefore, we don’t believe we need to see them the rest of their lives, rather WillisCC wants to inspire radical change so that guests can move forward with living that life change.

Her strong passion for supervising and developing other clinicians led to the WillisCC training program in which staff and other professionals can be observed while having formal experiential training. Our training program graduates have been exposed to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, & World Cafe style leadership & gain both clinical investment and personal development of the clinician as well. Stephanie travels internationally presenting and consulting other professionals and organizations & is currently accepting proposals for collaborative work.