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Stephanie Willis



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As the founder of Willis CC, Stephanie Willis has maintained a strong emphasis on accountability, innovation, and collaboration within the practice. She is originally from Houston, Texas and is of Guatemalan and American descent practicing clinically in Spanish and in English. She has been in the Chicago-land area for the last decade plus with work in Non-Profits, Hospitals, & Wilderness Programs before establishing WillisCC. She received her Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from Wheaton College. She currently writes a column called Mindful Cafe with the Naperville Sun-Times which can be found on our Facebook.

Early in her career, she specialized with high risk adolescents addressing self-injury, gang involvement, and drug use. She has significant experience doing Wilderness Therapy & leading World Cafe consultations for communities. Her expertise with adults focuses on perfectionism, stress relief, addiction, cultural struggles, faith & spiritual development as well as relationship stress.

Stephanie works to view her guests through an open and respectful lens by understanding how their cultural, sexual orientation, and spiritual or political preferences may have an influence on the guest’s world view. Her technique style is broad utilizing interventions that are evidence based to show effective from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Family Systems, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Directive Observant Feedback.

She often works with business owners, senior management professionals, and other health care providers. Her work ranges from helping those with major life decisions, supporting young professionals trying to navigate corporate life stress, and educating other leaders on evidence based approaches to improving their industry.

At WillisCC she has led her team to using innovative ways to bring the therapy process into 2015. As a practice, all staff work as a team asking our guests for regular feedback about the fit they have with their therapist, the smoothness to our clinical process and the overall effectiveness of their work towards life change in therapy. Stephanie believes that if therapy doesn’t get uncomfortable at some point and challenging risk taking isn’t happening outside of session then the therapy or therapist needs to change.

The team at WillisCC also works openly with one another so that guests can get the benefit from all staff including the opportunity to obtain skills from another therapist when beneficial to the guest. We see our guests’ needs and values as our priority. Therefore, we don’t believe we need to see them the rest of their lives, rather WillisCC wants to inspire radical change so that guests can move forward with living that life change.

Her strong passion for supervising and developing other clinicians led to the WillisCC training program in which staff and other professionals can be observed while having formal experiential training. Our training program graduates have been exposed to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, & World Cafe style leadership & gain both clinical investment and personal development of the clinician as well. Stephanie travels internationally presenting and consulting other professionals and organizations & is currently accepting proposals for collaborative work.