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Rachel Waggoner



Clinical Supervisor, LCPC
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Rachel Waggoner values therapy for individuals and the bravery it takes to pursue therapy in order to further discover themselves. Therapy can be hard work. Individuals that choose to seek out therapy in order to try to work through hard circumstances and to explore other ways to manage their emotions are courageous in her opinion.

Rachel is a certified Transformation Meditation teacher and utilizes meditations during sessions to help guests with breathing techniques and relaxation.
Rachel is a cohost of the Mindful Chatter podcast which was created to help bring mindful dialogue and techniques to people outside of the therapy space. Episodes of the podcast are available on SoundCloud and iTunes.

Rachel thrives when working with guests who are open to exploring their challenges.. She enjoys working with others that try to see their problems from different perspectives and who will seek to problem solve without giving up their values in the process. Rachel believes that individuals who are willing to discover new paths and try new things are opening themselves up to new opportunities.

Rachel utilizes mindfulness in session and increasing  self-awareness. She is eager to apply other Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills such as helping someone reach the wise mind when working through difficult situations that bring about the emotional or logical mind. Learning these types of DBT skills in session can help further develop healthy communication and distress tolerance which can help in many personal and relational issues.

Rachel is a passionate and energetic person that tries to achieve balance in all aspects of her life. Education is a strong value of hers and she believes that it does not stop once you have graduated. She loves to read books, spend time outside, and exercise. One of her favorite ways to spend her time is through cooking and creating new meals to share with family and friends.

She has had many great experiences working with individuals that have had significant trauma histories and many inconsistencies in their lives, yet have the courage and strength to work hard in order to move forward in their path to fulfillment. She feels lucky to be have been a support system for these individuals in order to help them with their self-exploration.

Many of her guests are women who are seeking support, relationship woes, and learning how to set firmer boundaries in their lives. She also has a lot of experience working with families, teens and those who are going through major life transitions or career stress. Those who work with Rachel experience her as warm and bold, a healthy voice of accountability and a refreshing perspective. She is currently accepting guests at our Chicago studios.