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Marisa Lewis



Clinical Intern & Intake Team

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Marisa Lewis enjoys working with a variety people to help achieve life meaning and acceptance. She is passionate about and embraces the work that she does. Marisa received her Bachelor’s degree in Education from Eastern Illinois University in Charleston and is currently in school to achieve her Master of Arts in Counseling from Governor’s State University. She enjoys spending time outdoors whenever possible, antiquing, and traveling to and experience different cultures.

She enjoys meeting with guests who are willing to walk a path alongside their therapist to accomplish their created goals by exploring the strengths they possess. She flourishes when working with guests who are up for challenging incongruence, while also being able to help guests see their alternate choices.

Marisa values therapy because it helps guide individuals to accomplish their life meaning. She believes that therapy is a way to support and to make inner change in order to evolve into the accepting person one can be. Marisa believes that therapy can be used to help a person recognize the individual’s strengths they possess and can serve to empower the person to use those strengths in everyday life. In some situations, it can be helpful for individuals to take a look at alternative paths and see different choices that help create life meaning.

Also, guests experience her to be eager to apply her empathic, un-biased attitude towards her work in order to build a strong, trusting relationship with her guests. She is ready to help guests see their alternative choices in life that help them to obtain their goals, as well as  applying her sense of humor to her work; a good laugh is always healing.

The most impactful experiences of her career path so far has been teaching and gaining clinical experience through her graduate program. Teaching high school has taught her the interworking of adolescents, and all the hardships they may face. Her clinical experience has taught her the importance of being vulnerable and trusting the process of therapy. Through the supervision and mentoring that she has been fortunate to receive, she has become more self-aware of her professional identity. Because of this, Marisa was able to become more confident and effective with certain guests. She believes that a therapist needs to be genuine, nonjudgmental, and show guests positive regard, but she also believes that part of being genuine is sharing honest reactions with guests because the counseling relationship itself can be the biggest tool in change.

Marisa is now accepting guests at our Wicker Park location on a sliding scale.