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Raised within the natural splendor of Colorado, Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and Certified Yoga Instructor, Lori Allen, seeks to create therapeutic alliances that reflect the inherent beauty of nature, fluidity of life, and the joy of the self. She currently also is working to add more yoga classes to our studios at Wicker Park!

Lori brings six years of teaching and five years of clinical practice in a pediatric medical setting to her work with individuals, groups and families of diverse ethnic, spiritual and economic backgrounds. Lori practices a trauma informed humanistic approach to her work with individuals who have experiences with major life transitions, trauma, coping and adjustment to illness, grief and loss, anxiety, depression and issues of culture and identity.

Throughout her career Lori has taken on many meaningful roles including facilitation of adult transition groups, student mentorship, and facilitation of meditation and yoga practices for staff development programs. Lori has completed training integrative healthcare at Northwestern’s Osher Center, Meditation teacher training through Ananda Expanding Light Education Center and is a certified yoga teacher (RYT 200).

Lori takes an eclectic approach to her work, drawing upon various therapeutic modalities including relational therapy, attachment therapy, Expressive/Creative therapy, Mindfulness meditation, yoga, wilderness therapy and body-centered psychotherapy. During the summer months Lori partners with wilderness non-profits in facilitating backpacking and sea-kayaking trips throughout remote regions of the United States for young adult cancer survivors, survivors of trauma and adolescents with disabilities.

Lori’s professional experience informs her work in a myriad of ways. She is passionate about integrating her clinical practice with mindfulness meditation, yoga, and awareness of our surroundings. Lori thrives when working with individuals who have a curiosity and desire to grow and further develop as a person regardless of where they are in the change process. She genuinely appreciates individuals who have a level of self-awareness and the propensity to further develop their capacity for reflective thought.

Outside of work, Lori enjoys spending time with her family and friends sharing in travels, both near and far, outdoor activities, ethnic cuisine, and the arts. She is a lover of novels, exercise, photography, cooking recipes, and is even known to dabble with aromatherapy!

For Lori, the value of therapy is both professional and personal. She perceives therapy as a gift provided in difficult junctures in life to anyone who is open to receiving it. Lori feels that we live in a very busy, fast-paced time and it is not particularly common to be with our emotions—the good and the bad. She believes that to grow and be present we need to allow ourselves to experience all of the emotions, but sometimes need support with some of the more difficult ones so that we do not get stuck in our pain and anger.

Part of why Lori is a therapist and a teacher of yoga and meditation is to prepare a space for individuals to pause, to be present, and reflect on where they are in any given moment. Being able to give and receive such a gift lends itself to our ongoing development and refinement of an authentic self.

Lori feels passionately that each individual has the inner capacity to create positive change, growth and healing in their life through taking time to pause and cultivate a heightened reflective capacity through the use of mind body connection and expressive therapy. Lori is currently accepting new guests of all ages at our Wicker Park studio.