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Upon receiving her master’s degree in Social Work from Loyola University of Chicago, Jessica Wohlbrandt has dedicated her life work to illuminating the lives of adults, adolescents, and families. A staunch advocate of diversity and community, Jessica has endeavored throughout her career to foster a more inclusive and safe environment for individuals to thrive.

Jessica is the rare kind of therapist, one, whose clinical expertise allows her to address a wide variety of challenges including: substance abuse, trauma, severe mental illness, grief due to loss, and issues surrounding domestic violence. She has participated in trainings conducted by the Human Rights Campaign to strengthen the inner strength of the LGBT community. Employing a sense of directness, empathy, and warmth allows her to meet those she works with at the center of their struggle and develop the resilience to overcome limitations.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Jessica has extensive experience working in a school setting that specializes in treatment for adolescents experiencing traumatic stress and trauma.

She has incorporated Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) into her work with individuals, groups, and families. Crisis intervention and cognitive-behavioral therapies are areas of expertise for Jessica, and she has experience in residential settings as well. Her expertise with adults include Anxiety, Depression, Career challenges, and those seeking a greater purpose but feeling “stuck” in that path. She has a strong skill set in using DBT/ACT and other Mindfulness techniques.

Her work throughout various Chicagoland communities reflects a devout therapist who appreciates the value of humor, growth and support. For Jessica, the pillars in which she walks upon consists of her friends, family, generosity, and her outright love of Chicago sports.

Guests experience her as eager, curious, a strong advocate for youth & parents, and an overall supporter of those who are willing to take risks to see growth in their lives. She is currently accepting new guests at our Wicker Park Studios.