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Gabriela Lagos has worked in the mental health field for 15 years and has extensive experience working in a variety of settings. She enjoys working with guests receptive to obtaining help and a desire to have a wider perspective. Gabriela understands that some guests have hesitations about whether or not therapy is right for them. She provides services in Spanish and in English.

She believes that it is her job to show them that even by just going to the first appointment, that is a big step. After guests have taken the first step of coming to the first appointment, Gabriela continues to help guide guests in their journey. During the therapeutic journey, Gabriela utilizes compassion, understanding, and patience. She also enjoys using meditation, deep breathing, quotes, and journaling during sessions.

Gabriela has experience working with individuals, families, and groups. She integrates techniques of cognitive-behavioral therapies and emotional skills, according to the unique needs of the individual, family, or group. Gabriela works with a wide range of issues, including depression, anxiety, self-esteem/self-empowerment, relationship/family concerns, and individual counseling for personal and emotional growth.  Crisis intervention, trauma, and grief/loss are areas of expertise for Gabriela and she has significant experience in school, hospital, and crisis center settings.

Gabriela provides a nonjudgmental environment and safe space to explore issues that are presented in an individual’s life. Through her strength-based approach, she strives to help individuals achieve the goals they have in mind for themselves.

Being a clinical therapist and a helping professional has been a long term goal for Gabriela. She values therapy for people because she truly believes in the process and has experienced the power of the therapeutic process. She considers herself grateful to be able to work in a profession that she truly believes in and feels passionate about her work.

One of her favorite quotes is:”Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that’s very important for good health”.~ Dalai Lama

Gabriela is now accepting new guests at the Wicker Park location.