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Fabrice Lubin

Psy. D.

Clinical Supervisor & Licensed Psychologist
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Change is a constant that often appears out of nowhere, at it’s worst, separating us from the things that matter.  As a published poet, father and creative spirit Dr. Fabrice Robert Lubin is an engaging therapist respecting the struggle of change and skillfully seeking to create unique opportunities. By interweaving evidence-based practice with an emphasis in radical change, Dr. Fabrice Lubin seeks to foster a connection for individuals desiring something new, profound, and meaningful.

Fabrice is also co-host to Mindful Chatter a podcast centering on vulnerability and mindfulness around challenging topics. Episodes of the podcast are available on SoundCloud and iTunes.

His work is reflected across the lifespan and in a variety of settings including: Veteran’s Affairs, college counseling, and partial/intensive outpatient hospital programming for depression, anxiety, substance use issues, self injury, career changes, and identity exploration. Fabrice excels at creating a concise, supportive, and engaging therapeutic environment. At Willis CC, he continues to strive for diverse clinical experiences working alongside all genders, teens, students, adults, and parents. He has also worked with many artists, health care providers, & emerging adults who are trying to bridge steps between taking new risks and practicing responsible decision making.

Guests working alongside Fabrice are often reminded of the inherent joy in self-discovery and leave with the courage to pursue a life of value. He can be described as in touch with the moment, thoughtful, casually witty, and deeply passionate about issues of culture and diversity. As an active dad, he has an appreciation for what it means to be a role model placing a special emphasis within the role of fathers. Fabrice believes in teaching values to our children while continuing to balance the daily demands of professional life.

Seeking to assist guests in achieving a sense of harmony within moments of crisis, transition, and relationships, Fabrice believes therapy should be an active collaborative process felt in the room. For those who have found therapy to be too abstract or removed, Fabrice searches for creative ways to foster realistic progress.

Recently he was awarded the 2016 Spiritual Gangster Award: For embodying the heart and soul of Willis Counseling and Consulting. We are proud to have him as a leader on our team.

Incorporating successful therapeutic interventions such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy he encourages guests to process skills in-session and are offered the opportunity to get vital feedback necessary to confront the challenge of personal growth. Fabrice is currently accepting new guests in the Wicker Park, Old Town, and Naperville studios.