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Elliott DiTusa



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A competitive softball player, golfer, and jigsaw puzzler, Elliott DiTusa has an exceptionally down-to-Earth approach to therapy that allows him to create interventions that are concise, deep, and promote true strength of spirit.

A native of Chicago, he received his M.A. at Adler University in Chicago, with a specialization in Sport and Health Psychology. He spent the better part of his professional career learning how to appropriately motivate and coach individuals through making significant life changes. With an emphasis in addiction, recovery, health and wellness, Elliott is a caring and holistic clinician who brings a wide variety of talent into our practice.

Utilizing training around visual and audio based imagery, he attempts to foster change by accessing the healthy aspects of our identity. Furthermore, by bringing his previous experiences with Sport and Health Psychology, Elliott is able to construct methods to identify problematic areas within physical and psychological health.


He has extensive experience working with adults treating anxiety, depression, addiction, and mood disorders. Elliott also has experience working with adolescents in a school setting. Crisis intervention, trauma, performance enhancement, and smoking cessation are areas of expertise for Elliott. Populations he has worked with include compulsive gamblers, first responders, athletes, and exercisers. He also has extensive experience in EAP settings. He incorporates evidence based techniques, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), along with client-centered principles.

Elliott believes that level of engagement is a key part of the therapeutic process. Therefore, he seeks out guests who are wanting an active, collaborative approach. When working alongside him, guests can expect to immediately be in a safe space where his target is to shape the unique goals, vision, and values of how you wish to live your life. He is currently accepting new guests at our Wicker Park studios.