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Ebony Adams



Intake & Business Team Specialist

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A compassionate, warm and loving friend, Ebony Adams has a gift for comforting others. Having patience and understanding is vital to her ever-evolving journey. Ebony is an outgoing and caring team member that will see through any problem until it has been resolved. She goes above and beyond to make sure that guests’ questions are answered and their needs are met. Dedication is a strong value for Ebony and she gives 100% in everything that she does. She is passionate about ensuring that she exceeds the quality of expectations from guests.

Ebony has experience working at the front end of several different high volume customer service settings. One of Ebony’s most rewarding experiences was working with people that experience homelessness and/or have been diagnosed with HIV. Through this experience, Ebony learned priceless lessons on collaboration with team members and excellent customer service and communication skills.

Customer service is an integral part of Ebony’s  role here as an Intake and Business Team Specialist. She supports our team and appreciates working with therapists. Ebony truly enjoys connecting with people on a deeper level. Her goals on the Intake team are to  support guests in their transformation and growth while simultaneously facilitating her own personal growth. She most enjoys talking with guests about the variables that are most affecting their thoughts, emotions, actions, and behaviors.  Being able to help assist in matching the best therapist with the guest is most rewarding to her.

Ebony values therapy and the courage it takes for people to begin the therapeutic process. She believes guests are the experts on their own lives and only they know what will make their lives truly meaningful. Ebony realizes the importance of finding the right therapist to open up to about person concerns and worries. Her job is to help facilitate the process of finding the right fit therapist and resolve any stressful inquiries that may interrupt the therapeutic process. She helps guests find a way to investigate meaningful details of their lives through helping them feel safe and comfortable in starting this journey.