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Grateful, open, and welcoming to all the opportunities in life, David Michiels has much to offer his guests. He is a passionate music-lover, performer and avid adventurer. Valuing nothing short of meaningful connections, David seeks and appreciates the endless journey of self improvement. For him, the inherent wonder of the world is found within and he believes that it is even more profound when it is shared with others.

David enjoys working with individuals that are engaged, energetic, and eager to start the therapeutic process. He finds insight and willingness to change as important parts of beginning therapy. During sessions, David creates an open and nonjudgmental space to help guests explore, problem-solve, and process their concerns. He applies skills such as mindfulness and grounding techniques in session.

Guests that work with David can expect to explore intrapersonal processes, set healthy boundaries, advocate for themselves in their relationships, and learn emotional regulation skills toward committing to actions despite difficult circumstances. His style incorporates Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Mindfulness, and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Crisis intervention, trauma, wellness management, and substance use are areas of expertise for David. His experience as a clinical counselor also enhances his keen sense of evidence-based practices and interventions

David has experience working with individuals that are experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma, and work/life balance. He understands that therapy is a place to share difficult thoughts and to be honest with the self in ways that even the closest of friends may not be able to provide. He believes that therapy is a chance for every individual who takes the path to reflect, process, challenge thoughts, express, share, and grow. He finds therapy to be empowering and believes that it helps people to live more authentically.

David is accepting new guests at the Wicker Park location.