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Caitlin Boshardy began her career in therapy by attending Loyola University for Community Counseling. Initially, she was drawn to the field after receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Communications from DePaul University, where she studied interpersonal relationships and conflict resolution. Caitlin’s enjoys working with individuals that are open to the therapeutic process and understand that the work they put into therapy is directly related to what they can get out of therapy. Caitlin appreciates guests that are explorative, curious, hopeful, and willing.

Caitlin has extensive experience working in an agency setting that specializes in treatment for addiction and severe and persistent mental health. She has incorporated Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) into her work with individuals, groups, and families. She also has experience supervising colleagues and developing anxiety programs. Crisis intervention, trauma, and addiction are areas of expertise for Caitlin. Her expertise are in Addiction, Women’s issues, Trauma, Boundaries, Anxiety, Panic, Depression, Career challenges, and those seeking a greater purpose but feeling “stuck” in that path. She has a strong skill set in using DBT/ACT and other Mindfulness techniques.

Caitlin wholeheartedly believes that half the battle of therapy is developing insight and knowledge into the situation. She believes that once an individual has a grasp on why things are the way they are, then they can take the steps to apply the coping skills needed to live a more adjusted life.

In her free time Caitlin has a passion for travel, food, and reading. Caitlin enjoys good television show and loves talking at length about any fan theory related to tv series. Caitlin believes that therapy is a tried and true method to forging a healthy and productive path for oneself. She thinks of therapy as “you” time for a guest: the time that an individual can use to talk about whatever ails them and receive non-judgmental validation and feedback. She sees therapy as one of the best forms of self-care and one of the best ways to develop insight.
Caitlin is now accepting guests at the Wicker Park location.