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Bridget Caragher



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Bridget Caragher completed her Bachelor of Science in Social Work at St. Louis University before returning to Illinois to complete her Master of Social Work at Loyola University. She has extensive background working with individuals experiencing anxiety, mood, and eating disorders. She also has experience conducting clinical intake assessments and providing psychosocial support on hospice and palliative care units.

Bridget is passionate about engaging in therapeutic work that is creative and is centered around the goals of her guests. Her work is heavily influenced by Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) approaches. In terms of her own values, she defines herself as a people-person who loves her family and friends. She enjoys traveling, creating art, exploring Chicago, and trying new things.

Her most recent experience working with individuals, groups, and families in a residential treatment center was very impactful for her. She enjoyed connecting with people in therapy as well as getting to be present for day-to-day activities including meals and outings off-site. She felt that the experience of working at a level of 24/7 care provided her with skills and tools to help guests she works with at an outpatient level address daily challenges that may arise outside of session.

Bridget enjoys working with guests who are eager to practice engaging in therapy with curiosity and a nonjudgmental attitude. She hopes her guests will partner with her in the process to create new insight and develop skills to improve the quality of their life.

Starting therapy can feel scary and vulnerable at first. Bridget believes that if the therapist can partner with the guest to help navigate the vulnerability with honesty and self-compassion, a safe space can be created to embrace challenges and changes. She believes people can utilize therapy as a place to practice living their values and achieve personal growth.

Bridget is currently accepting guests at our Chicago & Naperville studios.