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Of all the things we learn in school, there’s never been a subject more essential to living than learning to engage with our own thoughts and emotions in a healthy way. Fortunately, it’s never too late to learn. Naturally curious, engaged observer, and most importantly an active agent of change; April hopes to bring peace to guests who have struggled far too long with being controlled by their inner experience.

For April, therapy represents a rare opportunity to engage and to develop skills to lead a better life. By prioritizing a safe and supportive environment, April is able to engage those who are finally fed up with being stuck and searching for a new path, especially those weighed down by anxiety, panic attacks and OCD. Combining proven treatment methods such as Exposure Response Prevention, Mindful Awareness and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, April is able to assist those with discovering their untapped, natural strength and potential to push through and live a life that is fulfilling even if anxiety is present.

In her previous career, she excelled in advertising and brand strategy in the corporate marketing world. With a Masters of Art in Advertising from the University of Texas at Austin, and a Masters of Art in Clinical Psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, she has a true personal appreciation for what it means not only to make a career shift but to take life risks in order to follow a dream that won’t quiet within.

Well-read and well-traveled, April identifies with individuals who come from all walks of life. She is vegetarian and has lived in more eclectic, open minded places always pursuing passions like photography, books, and enjoying her cats while being dedicated to learning and following her curiosities.

She is the kind of therapist who recognizes that the “devil is in the details.” With an expertise in anxiety, OCD, and autism spectrum disorders, April employs an inquisitive and open style toward identifying and labeling what road-blocks might exist in life and the most effective method to navigate around obstacles. She has experience working with adults and adolescents including work within partial hospitalization programs, groups for anxiety, and groups for young adults with autism spectrum struggles to learn social acquisition skills.

For April, encouraging a better path can be achieved by sharing alternative ways of thinking and doing actions that disrupt unhelpful habits. With these new skills, life can become both a more meaningful and a manageable experience.

April believes that therapy is a chance to engage while picking up the skills we need to live better. It’s one of the best investments anyone can make in themselves. Guests experience her as smart, investigative, structured, and someone who just “gets it” when it comes to anxiety. She is currently accepting new adolescent and adult guests at the Wicker Park studio.