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Project Description

Alexis Byun


Alexis Byun likes to laugh and carry “backpacks” for others. It should come as no surprise that in her six years of professional experience in Chicago she has worked in schools, community agencies, and health clinics. The diversity of these environments strengthened her clinical knowledge and ability to adapt her therapy style as needed. She believes laughter vastly improves any situation, and the backpacks she is interested in are the ones bearing the stress, personal history, hurts, fears, and hopes of her guests.

Originally from Guam, she has a strong understanding for what it means to move to completely new areas, experience different cultures, and appreciate creating new communities. Honoring the differences in others starts with honoring the complexities in ourselves and being open to growth that comes in our journeys. Alexis believes every guest is uniquely fascinating and resilient. She enjoys working with those who know that they are not living life to its greatest potential yet, but are willing to put in work to begin a rewarding journey. In a world of high stress and busy schedules, Alexis quotes therapy as the best form of self-care.

Having obtained an Master’s degrees from both Loyola University and the Erikson Institute, Alexis has focused her studies on child development and families. She eagerly melds her strengths-based, solutions-focused background and DBT/ACT practices in her personal therapy style with guests. She has counseled guests grappling with depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship issues, parenting concerns, grief, and self-esteem. She has previously worked with organizations such as Chicago Public Schools and Heartland Health Centers.

Being from Guam, winters aren’t Alexis’ favorite part about Chicago, but her love for the city knows no bounds, as it is a great place for new experiences, restaurants-especially those that offer gluten & dairy free options- and spending time with loved ones while doing meaningful work. She is a huge dog lover and can appreciate those who also understand how connections with animals can also be a form of therapy. Alexis is currently accepting new guests at our Wicker Park Studios.